Home Flood Protection Program

What is the Home Flood Protection Program?

Check-Up Icon for HFPP Page - Click here to start Home Flood Protection Check-UpThe Home Flood Protection Program is a residential flood risk reduction education program that was launched by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo in 2016. The goals of the Home Flood Protection Program are to help residents take action to reduce their flood risk and reduce damage in the event of a flood.

Most homes are at risk of flooding due to increasingly heavy rainstorms and plumbing leaks. Please take a few minutes to complete this Home Flood Protection Check-Up to receive a confidential report that identifies:

  • Actions you’ve already taken that may qualify for insurance discounts
  • Additional actions you can take to reduce risk that will potentially qualify for subsidies and discounts
  • Links to third-party how-to videos and fact sheets

Assessing and Addressing Home Flood Risks


From 2016-2018 the Intact Centre developed and tested a nationally applicable home flood risk assessment tool. Over 500 Home Flood Protection Assessments were completed by the contracted delivery agent, AET Group, in Burlington and Toronto, Ontario as well as Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Confidential data analysis from assessment reports and participants’ follow-up surveys has provided critical insights into the top flood risks at homes, key actions taken to reduce risk after an assessment, barriers to taking action and opportunities to drive additional action to reduce flood risk. For a summary of the program results please see Water on the Rise: Protecting Canadian Homes from the Growing Threat of FloodingFull Report or Executive Summary, or read the one page infographic which summarizes the key findings.

Helping Canadians Reduce their Basement Flood Risk

Three Steps to Basement Flood Protection InfographicIntense rainfall events combined with aging municipal infrastructure, increased urbanization and a lack of flood protection measures at the household level have resulted in losses in billions of dollars for Canada’s insurance companies, governments, homeowners, landlords and tenants over the past decade. The Intact Centre has developed a variety of resources to help Canadians take action to reduce their basement flood risk. For a summary of the top actions residents can take to reduce basement flood risk read Three Cost-Effective Steps to Basement Flood Protection.

Free Information Resources:

✔ Online flood protection resources for residents and flood protection educators – more information

Training Courses:

Home Flood Risk Assessment Training at Fleming

✔ College level flood risk assessment training program for home inspectors, risk managers, government employees – more information

✔ One hour flood protection seminar for insurance and mortgage brokers, realtors and not-for-profits – more information


Home Flood Risk Assessments:

Click here to submit your Home Flood Protection Assessment Registration Request to AET Group

Flood Risk Assessor Larry Freiburger invites homeowner Lindsay Bunce to use the audible moisture meter.

The University of Waterloo is no longer directly engaged in the coordination of community-based flood risk assessment programs. However, residents can still access home flood risk assessment services through private service providers.

✔ Home Flood Protection Assessments and community-based flood protection education services are being offered by AET Group. Click here to submit your registration request. For more information please contact AET Group: (519) 576-9723

✔ Home Flood Risk Assessment software is being made available to successful graduates of the College Home Flood Risk Assessment training course. A list of successful graduates by province is under development.

Stay in Touch, Stay Informed

If you have questions or feedback about the Home Flood Protection Program or a flood-related story to share, contact Program Specialist, Daniel Filippi (daniel.filippi@uwaterloo.ca).

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